Friday, November 4, 2011

Dentist Appointment

Yay, I've been meaning to make an appointment at my dentist's office since October but my sched has been pretty busy to accommodate it. I wanted to have my teeth cleaned and had 1 or 2 teeth for filling and I need to get it done asap. I'm also going to switch to a different dentist (again!) because the other dentist aren;t welcoming at all. They don't let me feel welcome and they aren't caring like the very 1st dentist that I had long time ago. Too bad my fave dentist retired from her career to give way to her religious duties.

Anyway, my SIL recommended another dentist and I hope she'll make me feel welcome and also will taka care of my teeth. I also can say that Dental Jobs are getting in demand these days as more people are becoming more conscoius about dental health.

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