Saturday, October 15, 2011

3-Day Mall Wide Sale at Malls Oct. 14-16

The 3-Day sale at malls particularly at SM and Robinson's Department stores started yesterday till Sunday (16th). I was there yesterday and I have witnessed how people became crazy over the huge sale that many stores are offering. How can you not resist items with 10 and up to 70% off on most of the items. I saw some women hoarding some stuff that were on sale and I bet they'll give them as presents this Christmas.

Every time there is a 3-day sale at malls esp. at the big ones, people hurry themselves to go to the malls to take advantage of the sale items. Since it is also payday, there's no wonder why there are tons of shoppers came in. I end up just buying a Tefal frying pan that has only 10% off. I did stroll different malls but bought nothing as I don;t want to buy only on impulse. Thankfully, I was able to control myself from buying shoes or bags that I don't actually need anymore.

Speaking of discounts, not only at the local malls have sale but also online. Many have been looking forward to get good deals at their fave online stores as well for they have January Clearance sale, end of season sale or holiday sale as well. Online is another great venue where we can get good discounts.

Anyway, after having experienced the mall wide sale at Megamall yesterday, I don’t think I will come shopping again if there is a sale. The lines to the counters are just way too crazy. lol

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