Thursday, July 15, 2010

Business Slowing Peaking

Thanks my net café is slowly waking up after a deep slumber during the summer break. Now that school has opened last June, students are researching for their assignments or projects on the net once again. Just what I’ve been waiting for the past months. I just wished that their teachers or professors will give them plenty of homework so that customers will come at my store.

Anyway, I just had quite a lot of printings done today for customers and fortunately my HP printer is so reliable and it didn’t give up on me. Fortunately, I also have stocks of HP printer Ink Cartridges in my shop just in case I run out of ink in the middle of printing sessions.

Actually I have a new HP deskjet F4280 that is still sealed and waiting to be installed here at the main computer server. I just wanted to make sure that I have a back up printer that can accommodate more customers just in case they flock at the same time. I always believe that HP products give best performance and these days they are coming up with affordable printers and cartridges.

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