Thursday, July 15, 2010

After Storm Basyang

Oh dear, I guess you've read lots of stories from bloggers about their experiences during the storm BASYANG that hits our country hard on Tuesday. The weather was too bad that day, mid day more classes have been suspended because of the signal warnings announced.

The gusty winds coupled with rain were all its mighty in the evening and it was just too scary to even go out. I was doing some online works when I heard over the news that this storm can hit our place hard. True enough around 12 midnight, the wind was just so powerful and the electricity was cut off already.

I could hear the loud gushing of the wind and the trees on our backyard and I was praying that not many will be affected. I was a bit sleepless that night bec. I also heard 2 loud explosions, most probably power transformers. I think I slept peacefully at 3 am.

The whole day of Tuesday we have no electricity, no telephone connection, not much water, I almost got insane (hehe). The power went back after 23 hrs! Still thankful bec. our place and our house was not damaged!

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  1. Yikes! I hate it when the power goes out. We had our power out for two days last year and that was the worst.


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