Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Hardin (Garden)

Hi welcome to our small garden with gazebo, this is where we stay to rest or to entertain our friends and visitors. Sometimes the air is so cool here that's why it;s nice to rest here. There's also a rocking chair there that makes it more comfortable to laze around.

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LP: Hardin
Tuloy po kayo sa aming munting hardin at gazebo. Dito po kami namamahinga pag gusto namin kasi minsan malakas ang hangin dito. Mayroon din pong kahoy na tumba tumba dyan para mas masarap mag muni muni.

Dyan din namin ine-entertain ang aming mga bisita pag mag okasyon o pag may dumalaw. Dyan din po minsan nag o-oil painting (ang aking mga kapatid o pamangkin)

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