Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Hard to be Sick

My 11 yr old nephew was sick again last week and that time it is due to tonsillitis. He is sickly and with his think body frame and not wanting to eat healthy foods there’s no wonder why he is sickly. I remember last year he was hit a dengue fever that almost got his life if not treated immediately. The doctors told that if he was not immediately admitted in the hospital he’d be dead already.

Poor child, he was even got blood transfusion that saved his life. It was a very bad case of dengue fever and we are very thankful that he survived that. His parents were already crying and asking for financial help bec. he was hospitalized for almost a week in the ICU. They were fortunate to go to a good hospital that immediately diagnosed his case. The kid was so frail esp. when he a foley catheter was put on him. Good thing is that it didn’t get any infections on him as the hospital has good equipments. They must be getting quality medical supplies at Allegro Medical.

I wish I have known Allegro Enterprises before because, when I was still in Medical schools we are finding suppliers that can give us low prices but with good quality equipments.

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