Tuesday, October 28, 2008

: What's Happening to Our Weather? :

I have noticed lately that the weather changes dramatically over the past few months. Just last month when a typhoon hit our place, it is the 1st time ever that our subdivision became flooded, to think that we have been living there for the last 20 years. It is the 1st time that we have flooded streets and the flood is so thick and brown ( rain waters and soil) and we suspected it coming from from the hillsides of Antipolo. I guess there are massive cutting of the trees that is why there's are no more trees to hold on to the rain waters.

It's always been hot and humid most of the times that is why there are many people who are getting sick each day esp. the kids. I also got colds last week bec. of the heat. There are also many heat related illnesses that keeps people uncomfortable. Global warming is really upon and us and this is daunting.

This morning it is raining and right now, the sun is up and so hot but I could see a huge black cloud at the sky and for sure it will rain again later.. Keep safe everyone!

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