Tuesday, October 28, 2008

:Arctic Ice is Melting Too Fast! :

I was watching the news lately and reading some articles online about global warming and sometimes we never thought it has bearing on our daily lives. This issue seems to be so deep that we never care sometimes. It is more shocking to know that the Arctic Ice is melting too fast due to the effects of global warming. There’s no wonder why there are massive flooding all around the world and scientists even predict that by 2040, the world maybe without ice and that is too scary to happen.

I just read it at the All Voices site allvoices.com, a current events new site where you can read lots of new stories about politics, science and tech. and more from around the globe written by their contributors. There are many informative news that we all can read about, sometimes, it’s also enriching to read news pertaining about science and technology.

I was also able to watch a small part of a semi-documentary TV show two days ago while flickering the remote. I was deeply saddened to know that there is a small village in Africa where their well of water suddenly dried up bec. of the severe heat. Now they have to walk 2 hours just to get water in a well for their drinking and for their animals. Some villagers even have no choice but to sell their cattle due to lack of water. This is already alarming and global warming is really affecting our weather patterns. Just like here, it’s been raining for the past days but it is still hot and humid.

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