Wednesday, October 29, 2008

:Just one of the many ways to earn extra

As a blogger I have learned to monetize my blog so I can earn extra from it aside from enjoying writing while sharing my experiences and many things that I know. I am blogging for more than 3 years now and I love it and just in case you didn’t know, in the last years my blogs with different niches mushroomed. I can’t hide the fact that anyone can really earn from blogs using different sources from Google Adsense, where anyone can earn $$ each day if you really have a good niche and you know how to optimize your keywords. Others choose text ink ads, other do affiliate programs like this projector lamp center aff program
, others do paid post blogging, and many more. I have not joined surveys and reading ads on email but I heard some earn from that.

Ahhh with the crisis goin on, I as a blogger strive hard to look for more ways on how I can extra esp. that the holidays are coming bec. you know expenses are expected. We can’t blame anyone to look for other ways, for me this is ok as long as you are not doing anything illegal. It is best to paid blog rather than being a corrupt gov’t official. Yay! Have a great day everyone!

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