Monday, June 30, 2008

: A Treat to Myself :

How many times I have been wanting to go to the salon but I always fail to do so bec. I have to many reasons. Sometimes I have no time, sometimes I feel lazy or sometimes I forgot about it and one time I was already scheduled like last Sunday but typhoon Frank got in the way. But hey, I finally went to my favorite neighborhood salon yesterday afternoon after watching the boxing match of Pacquiao and Diaz on TV.

I got there 330pm but was only served at about 430pm bec. they have many customers at that time. I didn't want to leave bec. that is where i always have may hair done. Anyway, i got a haircolor, hair spa and a hair cut. My grey hairs are all appearing again so I need to cover them up hehehe. It was a relaxing and refreshing afternoon for me at the salon and I feel my hair is so light and soft. Imagine I have been sitting in the chair for 3 hours for my hair treatment.

What about you have you been to the salon lately?


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