Monday, June 30, 2008

I Salute Wonder Moms

Ok I confess I am not a domestic diva. I do some household chores but I really hate the ironing task and every other week a laundry woman comes to our house to wash our clothes. I also find the bathroom plus it’s bathroom fixtures hard to clean and maintain but there are OC individuals who can keep it sparkling clean. Aside from that, kitchen is also a must kept clean area in the house. Those are the often used areas in most homes.

I just salute all moms who can do a lot tasks in the house with flying colors. I know it is not easy to maintain a home esp. if you have kids who keeps on making a mess after you have cleaned. And for those working moms who still can uphold the neatness in their house even if they are working, I reckon they are incredibly great. Imagine juggling 2 hard jobs at the same time? Just remember mom, don’t forget to treat yourselves once in a while.

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