Friday, June 13, 2008

: Strike While the Iron is Hot :

That is what I told to my friend who has recently joined the blogging bandwagon. I have influenced her when she saw me writing stuff here on my blog and in no time I thought her some tips on making her own. With a little patience and perseverance she and I have been making little extra on our online works and who will not be so thankful for that? We are so grateful bec. we can now put a little bit (or more) on our savings accounts that when emergency comes we have something to get. I know nothing is permanent and things or jobs will slowly become scarce bec. of the heavy influx of bloggers in the recent months.

PR also contributes to get more jobs and bloggers all know that. Right now I don’t have that but I am still thankful that I still have work from time to time while my bestfriend got lots of works that sometimes she has no time to do them. I told her to grab, write while the iron is hot since this will not stay forever.

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