Thursday, May 29, 2008

: New Header for my Fashion Blog :

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I've been changing headers for all of my blogs and I want my shopping blog to be different. I was lucky enough to have a very talented niece and nephew that will help me make a personalized drawing.

My niece FRANCES MARIE "Kukay" was very talented and good in drawings just like her brother Pinoy Blogero KARLO so I asked her one time to draw me a girl carrying shopping bags and I was pleased with what she made for me. And since we don't have a (Wacom) tablet that professionals use, she just made a sketch on paper. My nephew JEREL, who is an advertising student was the one who put the colors using photoshop. I just told him what color combination I want.

When they finished it, I then made it into a header and put my blog's name on it and here it is. Isn't it cute??? Oh BTW, artists runs in our family hehe.

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