Monday, May 26, 2008

My EON confusion !!

I finally got my EON Card this morning at Union Bank, Greenhills branch after a month of applying online. Actually eon card will be ready after only 5 working days but I am just so lazy to go out and get it there. Anyway the teller asks me to pay P350.00 and I thought that is already the deposit that I needed for paypal purposes but little did I know that is only for the yearly payment of of my card.

I am just so angry at myself when I read at Cherry Rose’s tutorial that I still have to deposit around P200-or 300 because I FORGOT to make a deposit !!!!! Gaga ko talaga, I kept on reminding my bes RACE not to forget to make a deposit but in the end I am the one who forgot. Ngek..

Now I need to return at Union Bank to make a deposit or my besfriend RACE will do it for me since there is a Union Bank branch near her office. Ahhhhhh, this is one lesson for me..

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