Monday, May 26, 2008

I Miss Australia !

It’s already over a month since I came back from my vacation in OZ land and I can’t help but to miss my days while I was there. How can I forget all the days when we spent holidays on a beach, an island and even at the Great Barrier Reef? Not all Aussies have the chance to go there so I am pretty lucky to have been there particularly at the Reef.

I also miss their food, Aussies love barbeque and most of the time they spend their leisure time eating or drinking at the backyard or patio. It is where they entertain their visitors or friends, and mostly patio furniture are used by guests esp. if they have events or birthdays. Speaking of bbq, I just love the garlic shrimps, steaks and the salmon that we often cook. Bro in law and sis Joy would make it a point to serve great foods while I was there. Sis Joy can cook the best barbequed honey ribs.. yum yum

And who can’t miss our shopping spree, I think we go at the malls quiet a lot and we did get some great deals esp. when they had the out of season sale. There are many things that I miss over there esp. my sis and her family. Just hoping I can go back there again in the future.

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