Thursday, May 15, 2008

: It's hard to be sick :

My distant aunt came to visit us the other day and we had a good chat over different matters esp. health concerns about her and her husband who is going to have a kidney surgery this coming days. They already spent a lot of money and we reckon that it’s the only way he can recover from that ailment. She however still suffers from her asthma attacks esp. during hot and humid days. Also dusty places can even trigger that, I am not so sure if she wants to consider having one of those air cleaners that others are using in their houses.

Ahh it’s hard being sick nowadays esp. if you don’t have money to finance it. My nephew also recovered from a dengue fever last January and he almost lost his life. He was already bleeding inside when they diagnosed it and we are so thankful that he recuperated from it.

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