Thursday, February 14, 2008

One Cold Valentine's Day!

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Yay, it's Valentine's day today ! Ahh just an ordinary day for me since I have no special someone hehe. Anyway, it was cold today here in OZ Land and it's perfect time to just laze around and sip a cup of coffee.

A Pinay friend (Erma) of ours came here at lunch time to ask help about her net connection on her laptop and I managed to help her with her questions. Soon after she left my sis and I were on the computer to do some blogging (yes she's into now!) and other stuff. I will just share the link of her blog as soon as she finished tinkering with it.

BTW, so sorry for not visiting your blogs always and doing some of the tags you have for me. Promise if i have more time and when I'm back in Pinas for sure i'll be back on my old routine.

Anyway, just wishing you all Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for droppin' by. 

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