Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My 1st time to see a hail storm!!!

Yay, the weather here in Sydney is so erratic, sometimes it is so hot and sometimes it is so cold and windy. In the last weeks, it has been raining like crazy here that left some of the street flooded and the creeks overflowing. 

There was one time when there is a storm, heavy rains fell and not long after small pieces of ice dropped (pea size) along with the rain. Sis called me to let me see it. I was so excited since I have not seen one yet since we don't have one in the Phils. anyway..

I didn't bother to grab my camera since the ice melts in just seconds but that was a nice sight to see. Ahhhh I am just dreamin' to see a snow but unfortunately I will be going home soon even before it snows in the mountains.

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