Sunday, February 17, 2008

End of Summer sale!

My sis and I went on a massive sale last week at Campbelltown and of course we both enjoyed it. And since Fall and winter will be coming soon, the stores are getting rid of their of summer clothes to give way for the new winter trend.

So what my sis did was to get summer clothes for her kids one size bigger so they can use it next summer. Almost all the clothes are 50% off till 70%. Imagine clothes worth AU$ 30 before you can buy it at $3-5 when it is on clearance sale. Wow isn’t it? It’s like shopping online using one of those Kohls coupons but sometimes I prefer shopping at malls so I can pick and hold the products that I want.

I hope there are still more stores that will have clearance sale bec. for sure my sis and I will be going there.

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