Thursday, December 6, 2007

No more renovation !!

I have previously posted that i will be renovating my blog soon to have a Christmas theme but unfortunately I don't think i still want to do that because i am actually busy and so lazy to do some new header. I did try to make one last week but i don't like the outcome of it so i just erased the idea that i will make my blog more Christmasy. I also planned of buying Christmas kit by Jofia designs at Digi Chick but i also changed my mind hehehe. I thought it was juts sayang since the kids is seasonal and i don't know if i will scrap any Christmas layouts. Poor Jen so pickle minded lately hahaha.

Anyway, i just thought of giving my blog a new look next year instead and i will buy other Jofia's kit so i can use it for my header. For the meantime my blog will stay like this (parang fall theme pa ) hahaha till the new year.
So what about you are you having blog renovations????
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