Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I’m a coffee lover, are you?

Brrrr… It’s been cold lately esp. in the mornings now. I always start my morning with a mug of hot coffee and pandesal (bread) with cheese or whatever. A day will not pass by that I will not sip my coffee bec. it will make me uneasy in the morning or I will feel my stomach is empty. I can drink coffee at a maximum of 3 cups a day but most of the time just 2.

I just drink instant coffee (decaf for me) and not those brewed or made in one of those coffee makers
but I know it also tastes good.
I once experienced drinking esperesso coffee on a small cup, served by my bro-inlaw’s Italian grandparents and oh boy they really give a kick bec. it was so pure, I didn’t like it though haha.

And don't you know that coffee is also good for us? I just read that it contains antioxidants that can prevent heart disease and certain cancers. For those non-coffee lovers it won't hurt when you try them.

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  1. yep, coffee is good daw for cancer nabasa ko yan. my brother has serious coughing issues when he was little, so my dad told my mom to give him coffee everyday, tapos yun kamo nawala na, I guess it's cured, he was never the same before. kaya not bad na rin ang coffee, I only drink decaf ren, and we mostly brew ours masarap naman eh if sanay ka instead of instant diba. =) I drink about 2 cups of coffee in a day minsan 1 lang in the am. not bad for coffee drinkers lol

    have a great day po!


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