Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Certified MAC Girl now!

Oh goodness me, I was talking to sis in Sydney on YM yesterday afternoon and she told me she just bought her new iMac desktop from Apple with 24 inch monitor.I could not help but envy her but hehe I will have the chance to use it next year bec. i will have my vacation over at their house woooohooo.

Just take a look at the sleek design and that is too die, isn't it? There's no cpu bec. it is built in the monitor.. wow as in wow. My HP Pavilion computer will look like nothing beside it hahahah.

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  1. maganda ang MAC pero ewan ko ba mas masaya ako sa regular pc hahaha, ang MAC kasi para bang complicated para sakin. =) but seriosuly, MAC is really nice. kelan ba kayo mag babakasyon sa down under ulit?

  2. wowww ang ganda ng comp ate..type ko at walang CPU kasi built in..social!!

    wowww ang sarap ng buhay ni ate kasi magbabakasyon sa australia..sama ako te..hhehe

  3. That is a very nice PC. Very sleek talaga. :)

    Buy ka na rin ng sayo Jen. :)


  4. HI Kitty and Julia, i'll be leaving on Jan. '08. Sana nga i will have MAC pero i think complicated nga hehehe kasi d tayo sanay don


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