Saturday, December 15, 2007

I got a Christmas gift already!!

We are having an exchange gift at our Phil. Digi-scrapping forum and we are given a pair to exchange gifts this Christmas. Our allowed price is bet. $15-$20 (shipping excluded) and we have posted our wish list so that our "mommy" will have an idea what we want.

And since I'll be traveling out of the country next year and I will be bringing some of my files, I just thought of asking a 2GB flash drive or a Canon Rebel wireless remote control for my digicam. I was so happy the other when a delivery man entered my store and handed me a pack. I read the package and saw it came from my co-Bebot ABBIE and was glad to know that she is my "mommy".

I opened the package and here is what i got, a very useful 2GB flash drive and this cute Christmas card w/ beautiful message inside. Thank you mommy ABBIE !!! Love the gift.. muahhh

BTW, to my "baby", my gift is on the way, hope you'll get it before Christmas.
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