Thursday, December 6, 2007

European Travel

If you will ask anyone where in the world they would like to travel or would like to come back someday and the most popular answers will be Europe. This has been the most popular tourist’s destination where thousands of tourist flock each day to experience the taste of Europe. There are many awesome cities in Europe that anyone can consider but if I would be ask where would I want to go and have my grand vacation? There’s no doubt that my answer will always be in Paris in France.

the City of Light and Love always attract lots of visitors. With their famous Eiffel Tower to boast of and the majestic city that will capture all our senses. And there is Louvre Museum that houses fascinating works of arts. And we if talk about fashion Paris is always looked upon when it comes to this area. Gosh I am always telling anyone that I am fascinated about this city and when a documentary about this City was shown on our local TV my desire to visit this city makes it more intense. Not so sure when I will have the chance to be there since I will be going on my Australian Trip next year but I hope in the future that dream will come true.

Anyway, I know Paris will be flocked by visitors again this year especially during the holidays and it’s always good to always read and get information 1st like the Europe Hotel Guide for your reference. You can learn about the city, their weather, tourists attractions and more that you love to visit like Paris, Florence, Athens, Copenhagen just to name a few.
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