Thursday, December 6, 2007

Annoying Solicitations

I can't actually count how many solicitation letters I get each day here at my store, it varies from asking help for handicap, for the church, for the dead, deaf, from the out of school youth etc. I don't usually entertain such but sometimes I have no choice but to give them (kaka guilty minsan) but i just hope their purpose is really true and the money will really be put into good use.

You know there are some bad gangs or groups who asks for help (money) and they will say it is for the construction of church or something but the truth it is not true. They just use the name of a certain church or they will give a hoax organizations just to accumulate money for their own interest.

Some people are really born bad and want to take advantage of people sometimes.. tsk.. tsk.. I guess i need to make a NO SOLICITATION post on my door now.
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