Thursday, December 6, 2007

Digi-Scrapper's Kris Kringle

Don't you just love joining Kris Kringle during Christmas? The excitement starts when you pick out the name of your monita/monito (as we call it here) and you also keep on wondering who got your name for this exchange gift. I remember how exciting it was when I was still in highschool, opening the gifts of my "mommy" is always anticipated. Sometimes i end up receiving gifts that i don't want and don't fit

Right now we are having exchange gift at our Digiscrappers Forum and i already know my "baby" and her preferred gifts. We need to give gifts priced from $15-$20 and we should send or mail it to her mailing address, if i'm not wrong till end of Dec.. Actually i am excited over it and i think i'll buy my "baby" this week or early next week.

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