Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So what is your favorite time of the year?

For me, aside from my birthday (it’s in the 16th already yahoo!!) it’s Christmas that I am always anticipating. The festive mood of the season makes me so alive and hopeful. Especially here in the Philippines, you could already hear Christmas carols on the radio as early as Oct. (no kidding) and some of the malls have already started to put Christmas decors after Halloween. Christmas is definitely very different here in the Phils., we have the traditional 9 days “Simbang Gabi” (Midnight Mass) and the Noche Buena of course. Then on Christmas day gift giving and the “Manuhan” as we call it. It is where kids can go house to house (even if they don’t know the people living there) to receive gifts or money, but sometimes it is way too expensive.

Anyway, I know shoppers will be too busy again shopping for gifts like me. I am starting early this year so I won’t be in a rush just like last year. Malls will be jam-packed again with shoppers and during those days, pickpockets are everywhere so many will not bring cash but their credit cards instead. I reckon it’s much safer that way.

I just hope you’ll just spend within your means but for those that don’t have much cash but certainly would not want to miss giving gifts during Christmas, getting a loan is one option that they can consider. Oh but make sure you can pay it back or else you don’t want to mortgageyour house, right? I believe Christmas is so much fun; every one enjoys esp. the kids. The warmth of our family ties makes us want to be Christmas everyday. I know for those Pinoys that are away from home already miss our traditional Christmas celebrations.
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