Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kids are always funny

Oh yeah right, this is my 4-year old niece Reign and I had the chance to snap photos of her when she was in the right mood. Don’t you think she is so kikay? She loves that small plastic bag of her, want to know what is inside? She has those colorful bracelets like that one she is wearing; she has a comb, hair pins and plastic lipsticks. I asked her to strike a pose and oh boy I was glad that she did that.

And you know what?, she always imitates me when she saw me putting a lipstick or putting a powder on my face. She also love to borrow one of my makeup mirrors and pretend that she is putting a make up or lipstick.

Kids always make us laugh with all their little antics , don't you think so? I just hope she will not wear makeup too early haha.

Take a look at DAUPHINE'S lil daughter retouching herself during trick or treating, lol, so cute!
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  1. what a nice looking little girl!

  2. hehehehehehehe....she is gorgeous!

  3. Ang ganda ni Reign. Thanks for sharing the pics, Jen.

  4. ganyan talaga little girls. ang panganay ko nga ayaw mangpants dpat skirt kahit nasa bahay, mahilig magpacurl ng hair and paint her nails and mind yah pati sa shopping ang galing narin! hehehehe! and who's to blame? nanay of course!lol!

  5. Ang cute cute naman nang pamangkin mo Jen hehe napaka arete na just like my piglet hehe. THanks pala for mentioning Nicole here. I appreciate it a lot.


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