Sunday, November 4, 2007

Help save the Mother Earth

There has been a good effort of some NGO’s and some celebrities here in our country in trying to promote environment friendly stuff. Just one of the recently launched environment conscious effort is the E-jeepney which is believed will reduce smokes in the streets bec. it is battery operated. The battery can be charged in an ample amount of time and will save more money than using gas. Although not a lot of public drivers can buy that bec. it is still expensive at least some people are thinking of many ways to help the environment.

The Phil. Gov’t and some individuals are also encouraging people to use bags when they go to grocery or markets to reduce the use of plastics. We all know the plastics are non-biodegradable and when they have accumulated on the sewage or canals it will just clogged them up. And in my own little way I am also helping the environment by collecting my used plastic bottles and later on sell or give them at the junk shops.
Do your part too and help us save the environment.

It is always good to know that many companies now like Green and More are offering wide range environmental products such as air purifiers, appliances, gadgets, beddings, vacuum and lots more. Their mission is not only to provide eco- products but also eco-news, environmental information that is so helpful and many ways to support environmental charities. They also have green learning center with great information that they got from good sources like the EPA and US Dept. of Energy.

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