Friday, November 9, 2007

I seriously need some new jeans

Since I have had a sedentary lifestyle, sitting the almost the day in front my pc, I have gain so much weight in the last few months. The worst thing is that my belly is much bigger than my boobs right now and having a heavy waist makes me feel uncomfortable. My waist line has gone up from 26” to a shameful 28 or 29” waistline and a bulging tummy. Yikes and I hate to see it everyday. I have a couple of jeans in my closet and some don’t fit me anymore so I bought a new pair last month.

I am also looking for another one and it just so happen that I saw some seven for all mankind jeans at This Vivian crop Jeans (in the photo) is what I like and it is actually on sale huh. There are more styles that I can choose from and I guess I have to pick a style that will actually hide my unwanted fat on my tummy.

I browsed and found also some cool jeans for men like the nudie jeans that i think are hip especially for the younger generation. My nephew will actually love them for they always hear nudie pants at their peers.

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