Monday, November 12, 2007

Crazy SM 3rd opening day !!!!

Like i told you in my previous post SM branch opened here at our town on Friday and what makes us so excited is bec. it is only 2-3 mins. away from our place. We didn't go to the opening since we know that people will really flock in there. We decided to go there yesterday afternoon to see the glimpse of the mall and to watch SAM MILBY in his mini-concert but oh boy we got the shock of our lives when we can't even park near the mall. We just park at the sides and just decided to walk and there were lots of people walking and going towards the mall.

It was jam packed and we only stayed there for only 30 mins. bec. we got headache bec. there are so many people inside (paranG DIVISORIA!!!), LOL and we were walking like there's a procession. We decided to leave the place bec. it is CRAZY and we can't enjoy.

Here are some pics that i took..

The bridge connecting to the other side of the mall is also packed

My niece is getting tired and uncomfortable

Look how many people inside the mall (d mahulugan ng karayom) lol
i took the photo while going down the escalator


  1. Wow! Super duper dami ng tao dyan bes! Cge dyan tayo sa Friday ha! What are the restos there! Walang picture ng mga kainan dyan!

  2. sankatutak na tao!!! sana mag open din d2 ng SM,hehehe!

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  4. Gosh can't imagine the chaos inside hehehe.. graveh ang mga malls diyan. Parang di naghihirap pinas eh dami parin mga shoppers.
    Thanks for dropping by earlier Jen.

  5. Dinumog ng tao ang opening ah.


  6. Grabe naman yung mga tao... para ngang Divisoria! Haha! Well, at least the people aren't all sweaty and walang putik and basura sa daan, unlike in Divisoria

  7. haaha oh di ba grabe ang daming tao ano kasi opening pa..


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