Monday, October 1, 2007

Wahhh .. my header is not showing ?????

I was able to make a new header for this blog and for some reason it is not appearing in IE but when i viewed it on my Mozilla it is appearing on my pc!!! I asked some of my online friends to view it , they are not seeing it too!! I don't know what is wrong!!!!

I tried to insert it by putting using the url but hey look it appears but it is not in the center !! wahhhhh Anybody can help me, i have the same problem with my other blog (

If i can't fix this i think i will get a new template.

Hey guys, kindly tell me if my new header is appearing in your browser (IE and Mozilla) Thank you.


  1. i can see it in mozilla..very cute! good job!

  2. I'm using ie6 and I can see it just fine :)

  3. i can see it Jenny. I'm using ie6. It looks really nice. :)

  4. Angie, Nice thanks it's showing now ..


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