Monday, October 1, 2007

Thanks to Yahoo Messenger

Aren’t you too happy to have YM as one your means of communication these days? I am one happy user of it bec. it saves us a lot of money from long distance calls. Sis Beng is in Riyadh while sis Joy is in Sydney. We use to chat often at YM and using the cam and the head set makes it more personal.

Just last night I was talking to my sis Joy , we were discussing about our plans for the big party that we will give to our mom who will be celebrating her 75th (diamond) b-day on 18th. Her b-day falls on a Thursday so we’ll just have the party Sunday after her bday (21st and I know it will be a good one. We were all excited already, in fact, I have already made a digi scrapping b-day invites for her and I will just have it printed outside.

Anyway, sis Joy and I talk about many other things, we always love talking about shopping and I always buy some stuff for her. Her husband was on her side last night so I was able to talk to him also. Gosh, my English is running out when I am speaking to him, hahaha, and I had to understand what he is saying bec. has this accent (similar to British) that is difficult to understand sometimes.

Bro-in-law also asks me about my application papers bec. he is goin to sponsor my trip back in Aussie land early next year. He even teased me that their house is a mess again so I have to be there, lol. Anyway, I enjoy my stay there always, I know I will help sis in cleaning their house again. Ahh I miss vacuuming their rugs, they have a Dyson and I’m not quite sure if they will buy a new vacuum to replace it. For me as long as it cleans well and it’s easy to use, it’s fine with me.

Oh well, do you use YM most of the times too?
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