Monday, October 8, 2007

My eyes are still tired

Arggghh.. just recently had my new progressive eyeglasses and had been wearing it for a week now but my eyes are still feeling tired after the whole day of working on my computer. If I am irritated and not comfortable with it I just remove my glasses off. The hard part is going back to my doctor and tell him that the glasses is not helping. He advised me before to adjust my computer chair or table so that I will be comfortable in viewing my monitor so that my eyes will not be too stressed . I also have adjusted my monitor’s brightness to suit my eyes preference but it is still the same. Must be because of the lighting here at my store? I don’t know, all I know is that my eyes are just so sensitive with bright lights now, ohh poor me.


  1. aawww, ate jen. wawa naman. di ba mas masama if you take it off while using the pc? and try looking at a lot of greens, might help. :) hugs!

  2. OO nga Kaje eh my eyes are having hard time focusing and defocusing waahh

  3. Don't worry you'll get used with that soon!


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