Monday, October 8, 2007

I saw a maniac

OMG, few minutes earlier a maniac appeared before me!!!! I was on my store and I was using my computer and blogging suddenly a motorbike with a man wearing a full helmet suddenly stopped in front of my store. I saw him through my glass door and i was waiting for him to alight from his motorbike and enter my store.

He did not went down and I just noticed that he is getting something (from his bag or what) I'm not so sure what it is. I thought it was another holdup that will happen again (yes a gun was poked in my head 3 yrs. ago) so i was getting nervous.

Anyway, but to my surprise i saw him take his "thing" out and he was stroking it ewwwww yikes what a dirty maniac !! I have 2 teenage girls inside my store so i was also worried that he might enter our store and hold us up or something. I asked my 2 customers to close the door but they apparently did not know what i am talking about.

I immediately got up and went to the glass door to lock it bec. he might enter inside but he immediately sped away when he saw me coming towards the door. I wasn't able to get the plate no too.It was only after the man left when my 2 teenage customers learned what he was doing. Gosh, he's a maniac on the loose, and i just hope he will not harm anybody esp. teenage girls.

It was funny and scary experience for me tonight weeeeehh and i just wish i will not see him in the streets at night when i'm alone.
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  1. My goodness! I'm just glad you and the girls were left unharmed. If you live in a village, I think it would be best to report the incident so that your guards will be more alert on strangers entering your neighborhood.

    I hope this will be your 1st and last encounter with a maniac.


  2. Those types of people should be burned in hell. Hehe. Maniacs have no place here on earth. Good thing he didn't do anything else. Phew.

  3. That's a scary experience jenny. Good thing nobody was harmed.

  4. grabe bes! idea lang bes hindi kaya dapat naka-lock ang door nyo at mag-door bell na lang ang papasok kahit after 5pm lang for safety purposes lang kase masyadong open ang store nyo what if si mommy lang ang nandon, katakot di ba? anyway it's nice to know na wala namang harm done on you, taka nga ako sa text mo kagabi!

  5. hey ladies thanks for all your concerns... ok naman ako i got nervous at first pero in the end i laugh talaga..

  6. Yuck! Maniac talaga! LOL but glad walang nangyari sayo,Te Jen..Be Safe! :)

  7. Yuck! How horrible of that guy.
    I am glad naman na you run to the door right away. Mahirap na.
    Be safe!
    I hate maniacs. Kainis ano!

  8. yuck talaga Bem.. pero natakot din ako ha. Thanks for droppin by

  9. What the heck? Naka-desperate naman non! Siguro walang magawa yun sa buhay kaya ganun.

    Some internet cafes, naka-closed palagi yung door nila. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, dami na loko-loko. So be careful din.

  10. thanks Nits for the concern.. oo nga minsan napapranaoid ako and keep on looking at the door baka kasi bumalik ahaha


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