Sunday, October 7, 2007

Earn extra money

Oh well you’ve probably know that I have 5 blogs and I do get paid for blogging. For those that didn’t know yet you can earn extra money for yourself by joining Smorty. My other blogs are already writing posts for them and I got paid so I thought I’d sign up this blog again at their system. Smorty is another company that connects advertisers and bloggers together.

Signing up is just pretty easy, submit your blog for approval (it may take a few days) and once approve you will receive opportunities or works that you can write about. You will be given specific anchor texts and instructions as your guide. If it is approve then you will then get paid thru Paypal.
One of the ways advertisers are doing now to increase sales and traffic on their website is to advertise on blog ike I have, this will benefit both the publisher and the advertiser.

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