Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What do you do to make both ends meet?

Awww , it’s the end of the month already and what will be the next thing that will come to us in few more days? Did I hear bills? Oh yeah right, we can’t escape that for we have obligations monthly. For those working in companies and have regular salaries, sometimes their earnings are not adequate to pay the house rent, grocery and other bills. Me, eventhough I have a small computer shop here , I don’t have to pay for the rent of the place but still there are times I need to think of other means to leave more comfortably. I don’t just rely solely for the computer rentals income, so on the side I accept computer typing jobs, I make all kinds of invitations/business cards, I sell CD-R/W etc. to create more income.

Aside from that before I used to make digital scrapbooking kits designs for the Scrapping Garden online store. At 1st it was ok but I could not keep up with the obligations so I had to resign from that. And fortunately, this paid blogging came along that was introduced by Cherry Rose, our co-Pinay digiscrapper and there I started to earn extra dollars and I am so happy about that. There are times that I have lots of opps (assignments) to write about but sometimes it was scarce.

Due to that I need to find another new business opportunity that can keep generating income (I’m business minded you know). Oh before I forget I also tried to make those cute bracelets with swarovski crystals or with other beads that I bought in Divisoria and I sell these here at my store.

So for those of you who are thinking of other means to generate income, you can start a small home business, be creative and sell it. Do something and find other ways.


  1. HI Ate Jen! Thanks for dropping by ha! ;) naku, ako din gusto ng mag-isip ng business talga. buti ka pa business-minded. Ako kse parang tumanda sa corporate world kaya ntatakot mag-risk. hihihi! Enjoy the rest of the week! ;)

  2. Hi Mich, we grew up having small business eh so na pasok na sa isip namin to have a business. You should try with small one 1st that you really love talaga and it will go from there. have a great week too

  3. Halo Jen, thanks for the tag...ako rin nag iisip kong anong business na mapasukan yong hindi masayado malaki ang capital.
    okay TC


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