Monday, August 27, 2007

What a busy day!

Wow, it’s been a pretty busy day for me here at my internet café, I am really tired. It’s Holiday (National Heroes Day) today so many had the time to go online. My customers are mostly female teenagers who are so addict about Friendster website. They enjoy opening their accounts and trying to take a photo of themselves through the webcam. I don’t have many computers so there are times when my customer is on waiting for their turn. It’s good that I already bought a new HP printer yesterday in Greenhills (where else?) bec. I had some printing jobs. I was also pretty busy doing some graphics layouts for a customer who is so demanding (!) and that consumed few hours of my time. Well, it’s good enough that I am busy with my work around here. Oh aside from that, I made a business card for one of my client and I really finished it asap since it will be due tomorrow morning.

I was also able to update my other blog this morning and wrote few assignments for other company. I didn’t have a chance make a digiscrapping layout for today coz I don’t have enough time. It was only around 7: 10 pm that I am quite free to write this post. I am actually real tired right now, my back is aching, i’m getting hungry and I think I need a warm bath and pamper myself with dead sea salt, which is known to relieve stress and muscle ache. My eyes are also killing me; I have to partly blame myself for not goin to my eye doctor. I really planned to go there but when I see the line of clients in his office, I backed out coz I don’t want to waste my precious time waiting for 2-3 hours in line hahaha. I know one day I will find a time to sit there and wait for my turn, I just hope my eyes are not worst at that time.

Oh well, I have to go now, I have only few minutes more left and I will be closing my store now. Have a great evening/day wherever you are. !!!


  1. Hi jenny! pag ganito pa lang holiday busy ka. :) take care!

  2. galing naman ng business mo! hit na hit!

  3. HI NIce and JenR.. may times naman i don't have any work to do around here and there are times that i was too busy naman hehehe. I need to pamper myself too.


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