Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pinoy prisoners dance the Thriller !!

I just have to share this bec. it is already a hit in YouTube.. I was watching Jessica Soho's program last Saturday and this story was just so interesting. About 1,500 prisoners from Cebu Provincial danced the Thriller by Michael Jackson. Just imagine teaching the inmates to dance is a huge task and i think they did a good job ha.??.

It's part of their exercise and I believe this is a good form of exercise and a way to keep them away from being bored inside. They said they are goin to enter this at the Guinness Book world of records for many people who danced thriller at the same time.

Here's the video, you can also find their other dance at YouTube

Sister Act
Jumbo hotdog
Radio Gaga by Queen >>

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  1. ay oo napanood ko to sa ang website na napuntahan ko, ang galing nila ano? nakakatuwa talaga mga pinoy, I agree mahirap turuan ang maraming tao, pero they realy did a great job! sana nga makapasok sila sa guinness book ano, they're so funny sobra! namangha nga ako nung napanood ko to,lolz. have a nice day, ate Jenny!


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