Saturday, August 4, 2007

Layout share and Announcement

I had a hard time finding the perfect background paper for this layout that i made, i think i changed it 5x and found this Miss Mint's paper close to what i have in mind.

This is my niece Bianca and i miss her dearly, she is in Sydney and hopefully i will see her again next year. Anyway, i love all the elements that i put here.

Credits, other layouts and freebie links can be found at my DIGI BLOG

Hello Bebots (those here in Pinas), just in case you didn't know GLO is coming from US here this month and they are organizing another EB on August 24 (Friday).

If you haven't been logging into our FORUM pls. log in now for more details. I hope those that were not able to attend last Feb's EB can come this time. See you there !!


  1. ang cute cute nman ng nascrap mo, ate Jenny! your pamangkin is like a doll!

  2. Thanks ladies.. i was inspired to make some layouts lately and i hope i will keep the phase

  3. I should say it is very nicely done. Your niece, Bianca is so lovely. The words on her shirt makes her more adorable. *Hug* her for me... :D

  4. ang cute naman nito! very nice! another great LO! anyways, ang galing niyo naman, another EB? wow! sana makauwi ako dyan to joun the fun! :)

  5. Ate Jen! Ang ganda ng LO mo ha! Sama ka sa EB ha :D

  6. Another great layout Te Jen. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. HI Janice welcome to my blog hope u can come Back.. aND CO-bEBOTS THANK U for droppin by..


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