Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sunday day-off

Like what i have promised myself, i went out on Sunday at the mall to give myself a break from my work. It was after lunch that i went to Greenhills Shopping Center (my fave place). I bought my Adobe Photoshop CS3 and some other stuffs. I was alone (as always), and i just noticed that I was there for only half an hour and i already wished to go home..lol This is not so normal for me since i can shop form morning till the afternoon..lol I guess i am really already getting old and taking too long to shop makes me tired already.

Anyway, i just looked around to see some of the cute new fashion blouses, i was about to buy, thank God the one that i liked didn't fit me...lol. It was so crowded that Sunday that i was so lazy to roam around, actually i was looking for table for my shop but i didn't find any that suits the size that i want.

There is a mini show and display of the TRANSFORMERS collectibles and other toys inside Virra Mall and here are 2 pics that i took. They are actually people but when you see them from afar they look like robots. If only my nephews are with me i'm sure they will like to see this.

After watching for few moments at Virra Mall, i went straight to Robinson's Galleria. I took a jeepney and went down at EDSA. Just took a pic of the Shrine..I bought some stuffs at the Robinson's GAlleria. I was looking for the DIGITAL SCARPBOOKING magazine where KAJE saw my logo design but it is not available at the magazine stands. I just got exhausted that i decided to go home already by 5:30 pm.

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  1. ate Jen, kamusta na po? nakkatuwa naman ako namimiss ko na magpunta sa greenhills ren sarap mag shopping doon. can't wait to go home there sa Pinas! nakkaktuwa naman at nagshashopping pala kayo mag isa, tama ka minsan nakakapagod ren, baka pagod lang kayo. ako kasi minsan ganun pag ma nabili nako for that day ayus lang kahit umuwi na ako kaaga nakakapagod minsan lalo na pag nag ta traffic na at sobrang mainit I just wanna go home. =) thanks for the visit, ate Jen. ok lang yun na di kayo nakakavisit I understand. I usually peek around your blogs ren to see what's new so I can catch up. hope you have a nice day! God bless...



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