Saturday, July 14, 2007

Single and alone ...........

.......has its advantages and disadvantages and i should know that. Speaking from my experience some of the advantages are : I need not worry if someone is waiting for me to cook dinner for them or i have no feeding bottles to clean etc. I have my own time and i can go anywhere i wish (mostly)without a kid in tow. My earnings are allocated for bills and and my own stuffs , sometimes it's just enough for myself lol. To summarize it, i only have myself to take care and worry about (other than mom).

The disadvantages however are I just envy those who have a husband and kids to cherish. I don't have someone to share my dreams, frustrations, silly jokes and life. I don't have kids that will call me mom and give me those sweet smooches. Some people tend to think of me as a less or "not complete" person. I often hear the endless annoying questions like : "Are you already married?" Why are you not married yet? , "When are you getting married?" Gosh, it is tiring at times, ya know.

If i may share this one incident that i will never forget. This one married guy from our neighborhood when he got the chance to see me everytime he goes to my store, would always stop and asks me those questions repeatedly over and over and over and OVER again. At first I still answer him in a jokingly way and i don't mind sometimes his sarcastic jokes. The time came when my ears where already loaded with his questions, I told him not all married people are happy anyway, i got so hurt that i stood in my chair and left my store for a while. I told this to my sis inlaw and she managed to talk to him.

I just wish his kids will not experience the way i felt when he is "somewhat" insulting me, so tactless of him, can't he keep his mouth shut? Anyway, i guess he learned already bec. everytime he saw me i never heard questions again from him.

You know what, being single is a choice for others, some believe it is a fate, for others it's just a no choice. Whatever my choice is, i reckon people should respect it and not judge as if we should be married to "belong". There are married people with kids but living in hell or even a battered wife, i would not trade my shoes over that. I am still happy with my situation but there are times it is lonely. I'm not giving up hope yet, you know (may asim pa naman ako ahahahaha)

What i don't like about people is that when they ask question and I answered i'm still single, the look in their faces just turned sour..ngek.. So next time be little kind ok?? And the next time you ask me when i'm getting married, my answer will always be.....(BUKAS - tomorrrow hehe)!!


  1. I guess he learned his lesson. ganun talaga ang fate ng tao ano. sabi nga ng Diyos hindi lahat ibibgay sayo. I understand that. we're not really well off but I have a nice family. hindi ako nakapagtapos pero God gave me a wonderful husband and child as well as families who love me. tama ka rin doon hindi naman lahat ng ikinakasal eh masaya, kasi minsan may kulang talaga. for your part may advantages and disadvantages. mahirap rin mag salita ng tapos, you're still young. age lang naman yan eh, I always believe that somewhere out there there is always a someone for every person. kaya live your life to the fullest. so what kung wala kang asawa? hindi ka kasal, wala kang anak? for me walang karapatan ang iabng tao na pakialaman ka kasi buhay mo yan. as long as your happy in life, who knows diba one day bigla na lang dumating yung para sayo diba? so yun nga.. don't feel bad, ate Jenn.. just do what you gotta do. =) God bless...

    ay, ate Jenn pwede po pakiupdate na lang linkie ko? I bought a domain yun nga lang info lang pero ayus na rin hehee, I followed your instructions para sa 1and1 and aww it was really easy, thank you so much for that, ate Jenn maliwanag yung pagkakaexplain mo. =) it was a real help!

  2. Hi Kitty, it's always nice to see you around here and leave comments for any topics that i have.. I just felt bad lang kasi, pero i'm happy naman..thanks

  3. This is a good one Te Jen! You don't need to get married just to be happy!There are a lot of teenagers get married at a very early age and will broke up a few years after. Each of us has it's calling. The best thing is that we are happy whatever we are doing! I'm glad you are;)

    Take Care Te! And thanks for dropping by;)


  4. Hi Jenny! I saw your link on Kitty's blog and wanted to come by and visit. I wish I could juggle more than one blog as you are currently doing. I tried to start a second one, but decided to focus on my original blog at least for a while longer. I really like your blog and I'll be adding you to my blogroll. I hope you'll visit mine and if you like it then please consider linking me back.

    I hope you don't mind me adding my opinion on this entry you posted. I've been in your shoes. I was asked those same questions and I felt exactly the same way as you do now. You don't need a husband and children to be happy and fulfilled. You can still be both on your own and from what I read I know you are. Continue to thrive in your life and don't ever give up hope on the possibility of marriage and a family. I didn't and when I least expected it, I found both. Best wishes to you. Have a wonderful day!

    ♥ ♀

  5. hi bes, just what i'm always telling you na you don't have obligation sa ibang tao na kailangan you're married and etc... i still believe that God has a purpose why He's not letting you and Mr. Right to meet na, just wait for His Time. Enjoy your being single kase once you're married na di mo na magagawa ibang mga bagay. About your dreams, frustrations and silly jokes eh i-share mo na lang sakin promise i'll LISTEN :-) mwah!

  6. Thank you very much for all your comments and it made me feel a lot more better now..I am glad i have online friends who are willing to hear all my ramblings..

    And Bes (Racel)salamat din for being there for me.. naks drama na ito hahaha

  7. ouch! do i have to shout it out, too: yes, im also single and alone BUT I am happy! just wait, God has something better in store for you, Jen.

  8. Hi Nice..hehehe yes.. i'm waiting too like you hehehe

  9. jen...don't let him ruin your day kahit ano pang sabihin ng ibang tao. i understand if it gets into your nerves pero just don't bother to explain to them totoo lang me and hubby often talk abt why do single ppl wants to get married when it can really be a pain in the a** LoL! and he'd always tell me well i guess bcoz everybody does it! Sabi rin nya yah u get the sense of completeness nga but he missed being single like i do too! honestly, i would look back on those memories. I miss it! to tell u the truth,being married doesn't mean i'm happier in fact mas happy nga life ko di pa married pero it comes with it and i have to accept my fate, make things work and live everyday as happy as can be! iba2 lang talaga buhay ng tao...kaya i never see you as lonely, kawawa or nakakapanghinayang because naiinggit parin ako sa mga single,LoL! Don't get me wrong ha, i love my family and i'm sure you know what i mean!hehehehe!

  10. Hi jen, thanks for this lovely comment.. bakit nga ganon married people miss being single while people who are single wants to get married.. ahhhh life is complicated isn't it... I am more happy to hear all your comments and it makes me feel better. Thank you all!!

  11. Hi Jen. Sorry you encountered such questions. It's really annoying kong palagi nalang magtatanong of course masasaktan din tayo eh. Ba't kelangan pang itanong, why not himself na palaging nakabantay sa ibang tao. Haay buhay!

    Ako Jen envy nga ako sa mga singles din dahil they can do anything the want, although I still can do naman but it's really different makapaglakwatsa ka sa mga friends mo without kids in tow. Dami mong iisipin or worries. I missed being single nga. One thing I have missed is being with my family dyan sa pinas iba kasi once single ka makakasama mo pamilya mo. Sarap ng buhay single, I love to look back nga eh noong hindi pa ako nag asawa dahil makapagdisco ako saan saan haha! Dito na sa US haay nasa bahay nalang bantay ng anak namin and wait for hubby to come home from work. Don't you think it's kinda boring sometimes? Yes it is kaya nga magdemand ako ni hubby to take me out parang nakaka isolate pag nasa bahay ka lang. To tell you it's more fun being single. Cguro once we move there in pinas makapaglakwatsa narin ako kahit saan saan haha!

    One more thing. I have known a person she was late being married. Same as you pinagtatanong sya when at bakit hindi pa. This woman is really very happy and enjoying her life being single. Time came she got married nakuh nangalalay nalang at puno nang problema. Haaay! Kaya you have to cheer up kasi you can have lots of fun at anytime you want.

  12. Hi Dauph... thanks for this comment and giving your thoughts, i really appreciate it ha. Oo nga i have heard sa mga married naman they miss being single talaga. Yung nga iniisp ko once married puno ng responsibilties talaga ang nakadikit d2, pero ganon talaga ang buhay di ba. Regards.. Dauph


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