Monday, July 16, 2007

Goofin' around

Sunday early morning around 8:30 am we head for Bacoor Cavite to meet the neighbor of my sis Joy in Autsralia who came home for a vacation. It was almost 10;00 am when we reached the place. It's not that far since we used the C5 road and being Sunday there's no traffic. We find the place after asking directions from the local. We met Tita Tess and her daughter and granddaughters. Sis sent us chocolates, pictures and video of them in Australia.. We in turn send them painting of my older brother and my application papers.

Here are some pics that I took inside our van.
After lunch we went to the nearby mall and bought groceries and my table desk.


  1. Thats cool. So you live in Australia?

  2. Hi michael thanks for the visit.. hehe no i don't live in Australia,I've been there b4 though.

  3. ang saya-saya! dami mong kids ah!hehehehe!

  4. oo nga Jen ang gugulo pa nila


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