Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I shop till i dropped

I went shopping on Sunday. Went to Greenhills with my family bec. we bought another pc for our café, we have it assembled at the same store where we bought our 1st few units in May. It was at PC Gilmore in Shoppesville and as a returning customer, we got some discounts.The mall is always jam-packed every Sunday; a lot of people are shopping for computer, cellphone, clothes and more. I bought also some supplies for my pc. I bought Kingston memory and upgraded my pc from 1GB to 2Gb of memory because my pc is slowing down when I try to use Photoshop and PSP8 at the same time, running on Vista eats a lot of memory too. Aside from that, I also bought headset, CDRs, printer ink and lots more.

After buying all those stuffs, I left my family and I went to shop for myself alone. I got a head
ache while goin all through the stalls around Virramall’s tiangge so went to Mercury drug to buy a medicine. I bought 2 cute blouses at Hugs and in a different stall. I just love brown color for my shirt so I end up buying 2.

I saw a cute leather bag over at Virramall but I managed to control myself in buying that. After goin through all the shop I went straight to Robinson’s galleria and there I bou
ght 1 LEE maong jeans and a cargo mini pants. I also bought 2 pairs of sandals (one is on sale actually), personal care.

I passed by the perfume section at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas and the salesman gave me a sample of one of the perfume and I liked the smell, it was actually Calvin Klein’s EUPHORIA BLOSSOM. Thinking that it was on sale 30% off just like other perfumes, I was tempted to buy. It turned out to be not on sale, the salesman did not want to let me go so he called their head and they gave me a good deal. I got the perfume and lotion 30% off with free bag and mini perfume added. Yikes I end buying the box of perfume eventhough it was not on my shopping list, my impulse buying got me again, pooh.

Have you tried this before? If not, you should try, the smell is mild sweet floral scent and not over powering.

I also passed by the watch section and I tried on some watches (Fossil and DKNY), it’s good I don’t have enough money or else I end up buying one, I think I’ll buy the next weekend..geeshh addicting. I’m enjoying my hard earned money so no one can tell me I’m over spending hehehe.

I just saw it was almost 9 pm when I was at National Bookstore and that is the only time I hurried myself to go home and they were already closing. Yay, I got home by 10:00 pm and I was so tired I wasn’t able to fit all the items I got, I just ate dinner and boom I slept like log.. It’s no doubt that I shop till I drop.

BTW: thanks for those who left comments on my last post, basta shopping ano nakakarelate tayong lahat girls. hehehe


  1. I also buy a new computer with windows vista inside. I am so surprise that vista need at least 1gb of memory. With 1 gb of memory my computer can run vista but have many bluescreen error. 2 gb memory should be better

  2. Those are the best days... shopping til you drop. I did that yesterday :)

  3. you are right ruri 2Gb is fine with me now..

    Lizz, yep every once in a while we need to do that eh...


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