Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bestfriends for Life

It was last Saturday afternoon when my bestfriend since highschool Racel visited me here at the shoppe. Actually i was a bit busy that time when she saw me a bit stressed or ngarag hehehe. My internet cafe was full at that time and i am glad that my sis inlaw is there to help me out. Racel or "bes" (short for bestfriend) and I shared a lot and i was the one who encouraged and inspired her to do blogging. And since she is practically busy each day, she just sneak at the office to write a post or two. Right now she is enjoying every minute of her blogging and indeed she is into the blogging world. I helped her in building her journal and i guess she becomes addicted to it already bec. she got 3 blogs right now hahaha.

You might want to check her blogs if you can :
Race Corner

I will share our pic later..


  1. That's pretty cool.

    I've gotten my friend into blogging, too. She does it pretty regularly. She's just not so interested in visiting others so she doesn't get many hits.

  2. Thanks for the visit Amy. I know my friend will update her blogs if ever she has time, she's so busy with her office works that is why she do it after work

  3. hehehe! ang cute nyo tingnan ha...bespren 4 life...
    sama ako jan...sino kaya kumuha ng pic? mommmy deleng magblog ka na rin...


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