Friday, October 2, 2015

Gifted One

My bestfriend's kids are growing up so fast. The 2 girls are in their college levels taking up courses that they love. Wished they will be successful in the fields that they choose. The little boy on the other hand is Grade 6 already and will soon enter Grade 7 coming school year.

My always boasts about him for being so talented at school and at their church. Often times a member of the church choir singing and even wanting to play a guitar. Ahh for sure he''ll bug her parents to buy an acoustic guitar or even one of those telecaster style guitars if he'd get professional. He's been a gifted one anyway, so I see no reason why his parents will not support his musical talent.

It's always nice to see kids who has hobbies for they can express their creativity and feelings through that. We should always encourage them to learn new things.

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