Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Addiction Problem among the Children

Addiction seems to be the one of the biggest problems in nowadays world. There are so many types of addictions that sometimes it is extremely hard to recognize them. We can distinguish two main types of this problem. First one is the addiction to substances like alcohol and other drugs. Second is about behavior. People may be addicted to surfing the Net or eating. Usually the second category is straight connected with the experience which people feel during the activity. As far as eating is concerned, the pleasure coming from this activity is so high that stopping it may result in a big shock.

Kids and addiction
Children are the group that is the mostly exposed to any kind of threats. It mainly comes from the nature of the young person. Kids want to learn new things, want to try everything, especially what is forbidden. Everybody knows the story about Adam and Eve, which is the best explanation of the children’s desire. The more something is hidden and unavailable, the stronger the desire to have or experience it might be. In the same way young people are trying to get what they should not have access to. The most popular addictions among kids in these days are: narcotics, including alcohol, tobacco, marihuana and other chemical substances; computer and internet addictions and pornography.

Computer addictions
Nowadays you can find basically everything in the Internet, from the movies and video games to pornografic and brutal content. That’s why it became the most desired thing among the young people. They use it for everything, starting from the school related things like doing homework (however I would call it copy – paste work) ending with entertainment. Games and social media made the Internet environment very dangerous place in terms of wasting the kid’s time. Currently they are able to spend all day in front of the monitor just playing games. Porn and violent content is the second thing that attracts kid’s attention. This is especially dangerous, because children’s mentality can be hurt and it may have very dramatic consequences in the future like lack of openness to others and problems with creating new relationships. Apart from mental problems, health condition is also exposed to big overload because of lack of sleep. It may lead to the serious nutrition problems.

How to deal with that?
There are several ways to fight with addiction. The best practice is of course to prevent such a behavior. Education and building awareness from the very beginning is crucial to grow an aware kid who we will be able to recognize the threats. Another way of preventing these kinds of problems is to install parental control software. Parental control software is usually able to perform many kind of controlling activities like for instance blocking access to the violent websites, filtering the email box or regulating the time span in which user is able to use the computer. On the other hand, there are a lot parents that already have problems with keeping their kids away from the computer. In this case the parental control programs may also help, but parents should think about some more radicals moves. Specialist therapy should the first step after detecting any problems regarding the computer addiction.

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