Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family Reunion and Jamming with the Band

It's already 2 years in a row when our clan (mother side) had a reunion. It's certainly not an easy task to reunite all your relatives so I salute my mom's cousin for organizing our reunion. Each family has our own color theme so we can recognize easily on what family you belong. The fun started at around 11:00 am with the registration started at 10 am. My family came around 11:30 with food contribution and raffle prize.

To tell you the truth, I really don;t know each and everyone on our clan. It's ceratin that I might have seen them on the street or grocery not knowing they are my relative already. We have abig clan anyway that is why we can't know each and every single one.

The reunion started with a prayer and right after that the introduction per family. My mom's siblings and their families are present to represent our clan. There are games, raffles and surprise numbers and I have to say that we have a good bunch of relatives with good talents.

Some can dance while many can really sing. In fact, they even jammed with the band that we hired for the occasion. The sound system was also loud and clear so we had hired one of the best musicians that we have on our area. I bet they can also get heath and allen gl2400 at guitar center if they want to upgrade their instruments.

Since the reunion is successful, our next reunion will be on May 2016. Can't wait for it!

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