Monday, July 9, 2012

Bro's Collection

I guess you already know by now that my oldest brother is collecting old or vintage stuff for many years now. I think I have posted some pics of his collection or even his gallery here in my blog. He is into collecting old LP (long playing) albums, old or rare coins. He also collects old softdrink bottles, stamps, photos and whole lot more. His gallery is a huge space for anything old and that is his passion aside from oil painting. He is an artist and a collector as well.

Most of the times, he has clients coming over to see his collection or to buy some stuff from him. I learned that most of his customers sell things online such as on e-bay and they make a lot of profit out of it especially if they have the rare ones. I'm positive that my bro will continue to collect stuff for his personal collection and to sell them to his clients.

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