Friday, April 20, 2012

Sophie, my Love

I’ve became a pet lover ever since  Sophie, my 3yr. old Shitzu/dashcund breed dog came to my life after my bro. can’t take care of her anymore. She’s been my companion most of the times especially when I’m here at home working. Though she stays most of the times outside our house, I have to  make sure I go out often to check on her and play with her. I put her to bed around 9pm but sometimes she just hop in her cage and sleep.

IMG_3788She’s just adorable even though she only knows few tricks but she’s a clever girl. Always wanting to be rubbed on her belly when we arrive at home. She cries when she’s afraid and wants to be cuddled. She barks at anyone outside our garage keeping us safe from strangers. She’ll stick her mouth on her cage when doesn’t want her food hehe..

She loves watermelon, papaya and melon. She can eat dog food and rice with viand such as fried fish, chicken, hotdog, adobo, chicken caldereta and many more.

Ahhhh.. I have many things to say about her, my baby and I hope she’ll live for many years.

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